Lenovo Legion Toolkit: Customize Legion Laptop Settings

Laptops like the Lenovo Legion 5, 5 Pro, 7, etc. can only be customized with the Lenovo Vantage software, but with the Lenovo Legion Toolkit, that’s not a problem.

Lenovo Legion laptops from 2020 and 2021 running Windows 10 and 11 are compatible with the Toolkit. The toolkit has no telemetry, no background services, and minimal memory and CPU usage.

Lenovo also has a line of laptops aimed at PC gamers named Legion. They come in a variety of variants, and they all run on either Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen processors. These laptops are claimed to be sleek on the surface, but mighty beasts on the inside.

Lenovo’s “Vantage” laptop management utility is available for use with the Lenovo Legion range of laptops. This program is excellent, but it’s also really detailed, which may cause confusion for people who only want to make a few little adjustments. It also consumes too many resources in the background.

The Lenovo Legion Toolkit is an open-source, free replacement for the “Vantage.” app.Although it’s only a small piece of software, Microsoft.NET 6.0 was used to build it. The.NET framework, which is required for the product to execute, will be downloaded during the installation process. We can run it from the shortcut on our desktop after the installation.

Lenovo Legion Toolkit

Sections for power, graphics and other features are included in the toolkit’s user interface. 

Under “power,” you can change the “power performance mode,” “battery charge mode,” and whether or not to charge USB devices that are connected.

We have the option to use either the integrated graphics processor or the specialized graphics processor in the graphics section. Every time a discrete or integrated GPU is required, the hybrid mode takes care of switching between them automatically. High-performance programs and games require a dedicated graphics card whereas the operating system is always handled by the integrated GPU. The discrete GPU can also be turned off completely if it is causing us any problems.

Lenovo Legion Toolkit Features:

  • Adjust things like the power mode and the charging mode of the battery.
  • Modify the refresh rate of the display (built-in display only).
  • Check out battery stats.
  • Disable the dedicated GPU (Nvidia only).
  • Set up actions that will happen when the laptop is connected to AC power.
  • Disable or enable Lenovo Vantage and Fn Keys services without uninstalling them.

The Legion Toolkit can be downloaded from https://github.com/BartoszCichecki/.

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