iToolab iMute Giveaway -Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone[Win/Mac]

iToolab iMute is a specialized tool that allows you to quickly and simply remove the forced camera shutter sound that can be heard on refurbished iPhones sold in the Japanese Domestic Market.

For the most part, it’s easy to disable the built-in features, such as the camera sound on an iPhone 13/12/11. However, the camera sound cannot be turned off on the Japanese or Korean versions of the iPhone. 

The iPhone camera makes a shutter click sound every time you take a picture with it. Some users may find the sound effect too intrusive.

For those who have a Japanese or Korean iPhone, iToolab’s iMute software is a good option for turning off the camera shutter sound. You don’t have to worry about putting your iPhone’s storage data at risk by using a hard-coded solution.

Turning off the iPhone camera sound is as simple as three steps. Use iMute to turn off the iPhone camera’s hard-coded sound without any knowledge of how to do it.

You must be informed, however, that the iOS device will need to be “jailbroken” in order to accomplish this goal.

The software is compatible with the iPhone 5S to the iPhone X running iOS 12-14.8.


1. Disable the iPhone’s shutter sound to avoid being embarrassed. 

2. Remove the sound of the iPhone’s shutter in Japanese and Korean.

3. Full support for iOS 12–14.8 on the iPhone 5S through the iPhone X.

4. Remove the sound of the camera without erasing any data.

iToolab iMute Giveaway:

To begin, click here to access the .

enter your email address and click the “Get It Free” button.

Check your email inbox for an email from iToolab Studio.

This email contains information about the registration code or license code.

Copy the code, download the setup file from the below links.

Windows users click this link:

Mac users click this link:

After installing the software, activate with using your license information.

iToolab iMute License Code
iMute Registration

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