What is RAM?

RAM plays a vital role in PC and mobile devices.

RAM is short for Random Access Memory and is a type of physical data storage that can be used to read and write data to so it can be accessed by a computer’s CPU (central processing unit).

 All data that requires processing by the CPU and the results of the processing are first stored in the system memory.

RAM,  refers to the type of storage medium that allows any data stored within to be directly accessed without having to access the preceding data.

 RAM is considerably faster than the hard disk drive memory used to store files and, as such, allows data to be processed more efficiently.

 Importantly, unlike hard disk memory, RAM is volatile and does not retain info after power is cut to the machine, resetting for future usage.

Today, DDR SDRAM – or double data rate synchronous random access memory – is popular as it
provides a high bandwidth for fast reading and writing.

Apart from use in PCs, today RAM is the key spec on most smartphones.


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