Photo Puzzles Android Game Free instead $1.99

Photo Puzzles by AppQuiz is a fun jigsaw puzzle game with animals and landscapes from all around the Game.

This timepass android game usually sells for $1.99 and for next 6 days this android app/game will avilable free at Google play.

The app has received 4 star rating out of 136 user reviews and to run this game your device should run Android OS 4.0.3 and above.

Discover animals, landscapes, nature and monuments with this fun puzzles game for kids.

Children will learn to differentiate animals, flowers, places and monuments as well as improve their memory and concentration.

Move the classic, square and circular shaped pieces to create puzzles with colorful drawings and pieces of different sizes and shapes.

The puzzles are created with real photos.In these puzzles you will find dozens of images of animals, landscapes, flowers, nature, monuments, and much more.

Thanks to the different levels of difficulty, this game is suitable for children of all ages who are at different stages of their intellectual development.

Get Photo Puzzles App for free from Download Baby + on Google Play


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