Microsoft Excel Training Online Course Worth £39 for Free

Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet program if you’re new to Excel or has limited knowledge of Excel then you must try this online course offered by Excel with Business (EwB).

EwB online course ‘Basic Excel’ normally sells for £39, however for a limited period of time, you can get the course for free by using below promo code or voucher.

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This online course contains four hours of basic Excel training split across-22 modules. If you’re new to Excel or have limited knowledge of Excel, this course is for you.

In this course you will learn:

  • Data entry
  • Text and number formats
  • Basic mathematical functions (SUM, AVERAGE)
  • Editing skills, including Flash Fill
  • Basic data analysis skills through sorting and filtering.
  • Printing spreadsheets

Already know some of those things? No problem, this course uses Filtered technology to strip away any Microsoft Excel content you may already have. This makes it easier and quicker for you to learn parts of Excel that are most relevant to you.

Version: Excel 2013 used in examples but applicable across all PC Excel versions


Section 1: Basic Skills

Unit 1.1 – Excel Introduction

A description of the purpose and application of Excel – what it can do, why it’s useful.

Unit 1.2 – The Excel Interface

Understanding and working with the Excel interface – getting to know your way around the application, how to access functionality and how to customize it.

Unit 1.3 – Accessing and Saving Files

How to create, save and open Workbooks. Under Save As, a brief explanation of backward compatibility and other formats (e.g. PDF) save options. Skydrive, alternative online storage, and ‘local’ saving. Basic printing.

Unit 1.4 – Read and Enter Data

 Entering information into cells, types of data (text, numbers, dates). Basic formatting. Working with Multiple Worksheets.

Section 2: Efficiency of Use

Unit 2.1 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Selection and navigation. Moving around a spreadsheet efficiently.

Unit 2.2 – Editing

Copying, pasting, inserting and deleting cells, ranges of cells, rows, columns, and Worksheets. ‘Special’ pasting – for example, to copy just formulas, or just values. Common problems with pasting. The differences between copying and ‘cutting’.  Excel aids to copying – Fill Handle and Flash Fill.

Section 3: Data Analysis

Unit 3.1 – Basic Arithmetic

Perform basic maths calculations in Excel using cell references and arithmetic operators.

Unit 3.2 – Sorting and Filtering

Techniques for sorting and filtering data, including controlling the order of precedence in a sort, advanced filters, and an introduction to PivotTables.  Using sorting and filtering to check and ‘clean’ data.

Section 4: Presentation

Unit 4.1 – Setup and Printing

Displaying spreadsheets as pages. Page layout view, page breaks, print area. Printing from multiple Worksheets (and that default will be to print only from active Worksheet). Headers and footers. Adjusting page setup. Printing very large sheets of data.


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