Knots Live Wallpaper for Android Free instead $1.99

Knots is a nice Live Wallpaper for Android devices, this paid app usually costs $1.99 and now price is dropped, for next 6 days the app will be availble as free download.

If you are intersted, get the app from Google Play for free.

From your android device launch Play app and search for “Knots Live Wall paper”, then tap on Install button.

Also, you can visit this link from a desktop browser and siginto Google Play, then click the “Install” button and selecct  the android phone you wish  install this app.

Knots live wallpaper (LWP) makes your android phone screen elegant and stylish.This LWP supports Action Launcher 3 Quicktheme.
It’s a nice wall paper with small circles and squares conected  with lines. You can adujst colors, size and length of connecting.The LWP looks very good in black & white settings.

What you can customize:

  •  Accent Color
  •  Base Color (Backgrounds)
  •  Background Gradient
  •  Lines Appearance
  • Lines Disable
  •  Knots Shapes
  •  Knots Count
  •  Knots Velocity
  •  Knots Life Length


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