Horizon Camera – Avoid Vertical videos on Android

Horizon Camera app for Android lets you capture videos and photos always horizontally.

Hold your Android device upright, sideways or even tilt while recording. The resulting video always stays horizontal.

Capturing vertical videos on your Android phone is annoying, Horizon camera app will ensure you avoid this by using your phone’s gyroscope to auto-level your videos as you shoot.

So it doesn’t matter how you hold your phone, the recorded video remains horizontal.It really does work like magic, too, adjusting the highlighted frame automatically as you tilt the device.

It’s a great way of stabilizing the camera view when shooting something in motion, resulting in smoother, more watchable footage.

You also have a choice of three shooting modes: for a flexible frame size, fixed frame size
and no tilt correction (just full orientation).

While the free app limits your videos watermarked with the Horizon logo, an in-app purchase (£0.61/$0.99) removes these restrictions.

Download Horizon Camera app from Google Play 


 Point your Android device to your system screen and scan  this QR code


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