Free Elegant Handwriting Fonts for Windows, Linux and Mac

Softmaker is now offering free download of $19.95 worth Elegant Handwriting Fonts.

The free package contians over 30 computer fonts that t closely mimic human handwriting.

To grab these fonts, just visit the giveaway page, enter your name, country and email address to receive a download link for a zip file .
This zip file size is 37 MB and contains setup file to install fonts on your system.

Digitized handwriting fonts are the perfect way to give documents an authentic “handwritten” look. SoftMaker offers this package with a  selection of elegant, attractive handwriting fonts.

With SoftMaker Elegant Handwriting Fonts collection, all your words can carry the special, personal touch without the time and effort of writing by hand.

 This font collection includes 30 beautifully crafted handwritten typeface styles to express every mood.

 From cool and casual to fancy and flourished, you’ll find a big collection of fonts perfect for every occasion, from quick and friendly notes to formal wedding invitations.


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