Equalizer Pro Android App Free instead $9.99

Equalizer Pro improves your android device sound with 10 band equalizer, the app actually costs $9.99 and for next two days, the app is available free on Google Play.

To get this app, launch Google Play app on your android phone, then look for “Equalizer Pro” paid version and proceed to install the app.

Another way is, visit this Google Play page on your system browser, then signin to your account and install the app by selecting your Android device.


Equalizer Pro allows you to configure volumes of sound effects, to give you maximum enjoyment when you are listening to music on your Android device.

10 band equalizer lets you configure sound amplitude-frequency characteristic to get the best sound from your device. There are available auxiliary sound effects: Bass Boost to boost low frequencies and Virtualizer to extend stereo effect.

Equalizer Pro Features:

  •  10 band equalizer
  • Bass Boost
  • Virtualizer
  • 12 presets
  • User presets
  •  Integration with common players (Google Play Music, Android Player, Winamp, etc)
  •  Stream services support (Pandora, Spotify, VK, etc)


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