Drop iOS app worth $2.99 now available for Free

Drop is an iOS app that lets users apply depth of field effect on photos with stunning output quality.

This iOS app was released on  Jan 25, 2017, and it’s file size is 13.5 MB. The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPad touch, and the devices should run on iOS 9.0 or later.

Drop app usually costs $2.99, now the price is reduced and you can get this app without paying anything from App Store.

Drop – photorealistic depth of field with bokeh

Drop is the app for applying depth of field effect on photos. It has stunning output quality and handy functional user interface.

* High-quality output result

The app uses a complex algorithm for simulation of the depth of field effect with bokeh.

* Layers system

Flexible layers system will help you to create a unique depth map. You can assign different depth for parts of the image by combining layers.

* Three types of layers

Linear, radial and custom layers. The last one you can create by drawing blurred areas right on your photo.

* Output blur options

Use various options to perfect the result.

* Simple UI

Undo & redo, zoom & pan to work in detail.

Get Drop app on your iOS device for free from App Store.


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