Dreadnought open beta for PS4 launched

Dreadnought is the upcoming space combat simulator and today the developer of the game Yager announced  availabity of open beta for PlayStation 4.

Dreadnought open beta for PS4 was launched and the end date for the beta was not announced.

The beta comes with six maps, four game modes and a free, exclusive ship for PlayStation 4 players.

Besides new maps, there many smaller features added to the game:

  • Currency conversion – Spend GP to convert Ship XP into Free XP, or turn GP directly into Credits.
  • SHAREfactory theme – Easily share footage of your favorite battles with video clips and images taken from across the Solar System. Download it for free!
  • 2 Dynamic themes – Customize your home screen with a view of Sinley Bay or one of its massive, cavernous ship hangars—for free.
  • PS4 Pro optimizations – Get even better graphical fidelity on your PS4 Pro.
  • Dashboard live tiles – See the latest news and market updates at a glance on your dashboard screen.
  • New languages: Command the skies in French, German or Spanish.
  • Remote Play & PlayGo support – Play Dreadnought while downloading the game, or play it from other supported devices.
  • Dualshock  4  integration – Enjoy added lightbar and speaker functionality.

Dreadnought is also available for PC (still in beta) and its free-to-play.

The game developed by  Yager and Iron Galaxy was announced in 2014, this year its expected to be out of beta for PS4 and Windows PCs.

Get Dreadnought  Open Beta on PS4 : https://store.playstation.com/

Play Dreadnought on PC [Closed Beta] :  www.greybox.com


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