Dexter Slice Game for Android Free instead $3.99

Dexter Slice is a interesting puzzle game that will make you use your fingers to slove puzzles.

This Puzzle game for android costs $3.99,but now for  next two days the game is available free on Google Play.

Get the game on Google Play.

Dexter Slice is the spiritual successor to the popular 2010 release Slice HD.

As with the previous game, Dexter: Slice presents players with an onscreen field of EXTREMELY SHARP cutlery.

 Moving each knife reveals buttons that must be quickly pushed before the blades slide back into place.

The longer you play, the more challenging the puzzles become, sometimes involving as many as ALL 10 FINGERS – eventually requiring a masterful combination of careful planning, limber fingers and quick reflexes.

 Fail, however, and anguished screams accompany realistic blood splatters that decorate the screen. You didn’t need that pinky, did you?

This  chilling  puzzle game celebrating 10 years of “Dexter” and featuring voice-over by James Remar (Harry Morgan).

Press, slide and hold a fiendish array of sharp and pointy objects to clear each level. Just be careful where you put your fingers!


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