CamCard Business Card Scanning app Free for Short time

CamCard one the best business card scanner and reader available for iOS devices, now for a short period this app is available for free.

Although at iTunes App store, the description says  its 70% offer and priced reduced from $2.99 to $0.99, but somehow (may be price glitch)  its  offering the app as free download.

If you are intersted, straight away visit iTunes App Store and get CamCard app while its available free.

CamCard app requires iOS 8.0 or above and compatible with iPad & iPhone. The file size of the app is 177 MB and it received 4.5-star ratings from 3151 user reviews.

CamCard can accurately read business cards  in 17 languages, which include : Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, and Russian.

is the easiest app to manage and exchange business cards, the perfect fit for sales people, entrepreneurs, business developers or marketing experts, and anyone who want to be one.


  •  Scan and store your business cards, never miss a card
  •  Exchange e-cards when running out of paper cards
  •  Add notes & reminders to contacts
  •  Get contact updates. Be the first one to say congrats
  •  Enrich your profile to tell people more about yourself
  •  Search contacts’ company news to start a good conversation
  •  Navigate to contact addresses in Map
  •  Access contact information across multiple devices
  •  Manage contacts from all over the world with 17 recognition languages


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