Blue Light Filter Pro Android App Free Instead $2.99

Blue Light Filter Pro is an android app for people who want keep their eyes healthy while using their Smartphone in the night.

Blue Light Filter Pro app usually costs $2.99 but for next 1 day, the app is available as free to install on Google Play, the app has received 4.5  stars out of  5 from 1900+ users reviews.

If you are interested, get the app while its free on GooglePlay.

This android app keeps the eyes healthy by reducing the amount of blue light emitted by overlaying a translucent filter.

Blue Light Filter Pro app is very simple to use, just On and off, you can set the timer when to On/off the filter and you can change filter settings from the status bar quickly.

Also, you can set the filter ON/OFF for each app.

Blue Light Filter Pro Features

►Filter settings
Can configure the filter color or intensity.

►Notification settings
Control the filter settings easily from the notification bar.

►Per-App filter settings
Can set the filter ON / OFF for each app.

►Timer settings
Turn filter ON / OFF automatically every day at the set time.

Turn filter ON / OFF from widget.




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